Metropolitan Market - Cutting edge quality Seattle/Tacoma grocery stores.
Bartell Drugs - Seattle-based neighborhood drug stores. They carry our large cookies.

New Seasons Market - Fast-growing Portland grocer with community in mind.

Pike Brewing Co. - Pike Place Market pub and brewery...we use their Stout!

Bloodworks Northwest - Donate blood and they give you our cookies for free!

Quality Food Centers (QFC) - Lots of stores, great quality products.

Remlinger Farms - U-Pick strawberries and raspberries.  Great family fun!

Seattle Children's Theater - One of the country's best child-oriented theater companies.

Shepherd's Grain Flour - Eastern WA sustainable wheat farmers. We use their flour!

Smith Brothers Farms - Home Delivery of delicious milk and our cookie dough!

Town & Country / Central Markets - Neighborhood grocers in Seattle / Bainbridge.

University of Washington - Higher education and our cookies in the cafes.

Walgreens - Lots of locations, some selling our large cookies.
Whole Foods Market - Upscale natural & organic foods grocer.

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